Saturday, April 05, 2014

Online mixing

It has been an exciting couple of days. We've mixed two new songs.

While the band and I were back home, engineer Clint Murphy was mixing the songs @Modern World Studios in the UK, with directions from producer Greg Haver. Greg had already flown back to Auckland, but was with us via FaceTime, Message and Mail. He's 12 hours ahead of us, and it felt like he was checking in from the future - which can't be too in bad in pop music!

As we went along, Clint sent over mixes and different sound ideas for synths and other bits and pieces of info. We gave feedback and exchanged ideas. The band too had already received pre-mixes.

What a fun process it was! I got to listen to the songs in my living room while they were being mixed.

New songs almost always sound fantastic in the studio, because of the supreme listening environment. And you can play them real loud, which always gives you a kick.

Later back home you sometimes feel a mix is sounding stale in comparison to how it sounded in the studio. And it does - but so does all other music! It's because the average home stereo sucks in comparison to the million dollar equipment and acoustics in the studio.

So it was great to attend a mixing session from home for a change.