Friday, September 19, 2014

Voices on Top

Autumn is here and we're pleased to be playing inside again. This will surely help us forget the dismal summer weather we've had over here.

Coming up is an unplugged gig in Pontresina. Go check out for this unique festival in the mountains.

I love the region with it's vast untouched scenery and the national park in the far east of Switzerland. Only a few weeks ago we played in St. Moritz (just down the road from Pontresina). It took us all of 8 hours to get there. Our van broke down twice on the way and then refused to go beyond 15 km/h over the Julierpass. What a nightmare. If ever I've been close to desperation in my life, that was then :-). But no worries, this time a large car is all we'll need and we'll be fine.

It's gonna be great - our first unplugged gig in a while.  See you there!