Monday, October 22, 2012

1 Day To Go

Last time when we were in the studio, our manager and newly appointed executive video producer, has bought a brand new, top-of-the range camcorder. He also bought a powerful Macbook Pro as well as a fine video editing suite (including an advanced user guide :-).

We were in the studio for a month and documented the whole process in HD-video. A hundred hours of video. It would have made a great making of...

But when we got home the hard drive crashed. Irreversibly. Highlights like Mike's bike tour through the Cotswolds and Muso's record breaking drumming marathon will forever be lost.

Anyway, we almost forgot until now. We thought it would be great to have some footage of the upcoming recordings. However, our camcorder also crashed and can't be repaired. Can anyone believe that?!