Saturday, October 13, 2012

9 Days To Go

Recently I've listened to the entire Beatles catalogue in the order the songs were recorded. I've used Ian MacDonald and his fantastic Revolution In The Head as my tour guide. What a wonderful trip!

I remember buying my first Beatles record when I was about 10. I found a white (vinyl) album that had no title and no artwork whatsoever at a local yard sale. I hesitated for a bit, because it was in poor condition. The vinyl had scratches all over. But the four gorgeous portraits of the musicians finally won me over. I would frame them and hang them on the wall. Also, it had a number on the cover, as if it were a limited edition. I thought that was cool. That was radical.

It turned out that the sound was just as radical! Like nothing I had ever heard before, neither by them nor by anyone else. That's when I fell in love with the Beatles.

I hadn't noticed at the time that it was a double album, and that the first record was missing. So for some time sides 3 and 4 were all I knew of the White Album. Number nine, number nine, number nine...